Banish Zoom clutter with a retractable backdrop

Love them or loathe them, online meetings have become a mainstay of business life during lockdown. Without Zoom, Skype and other video conferencing technologies, most businesses wouldn’t have been able to continue operating with remote workforces.

Meanwhile Covid-19 restrictions are slowly being lifted in countries around the world, but travel looks likely to be off the table for months to come and many businesses have simply realised that if meetings can be carried out online, why commit money, time and carbon emissions to having them face to face?

It’s looking likely that virtual meetings will continue to be important for business, and one thing we can all relate to is the challenge of finding the appropriate backdrop. Nobody wants their colleagues to see that cross trainer taking up half of their home office, or their laundry hanging up to dry – and if you’ve been watching televised news and interviews during this period, you’ll know that even prominent broadcasters struggle with the same issues as the rest of us. Even when working from home, it’s important to be professional – and that’s where a retractable backdrop banner can come in really useful!

Using a double width retractable banner (such as our floor-standing Monaco or tabletop Geneva models) is the ideal way to create a meeting backdrop that allows your clients to set up a corporate environment in any location. By printing up a banner with a scenic image or even using company branding, you can help your customers to instantly erase clutter and distractions in the background of their video calls and project a consistently professional image no matter where they are in the world.

As with any retractable banner, these backdrops can be assembled in minutes and don’t take up much space; but when they’re not in use they’re also compact to store away, which makes them ideal for busy homes, perhaps without a dedicated office space.

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