Go big or go home

When investing in a portable display, compactness is often an important consideration – after all, if you’re going to be moving your display around a lot, it makes sense that you’d want it to be as compact as possible, right?
But while small is beautiful, in many cases it’s a case of ‘bigger is better’ in the business world. For trade shows and other high traffic areas, it’s a simple fact that bigger displays are more likely to get you noticed. They afford more space for graphics, and enable you to include more or larger text, which can be vital. In this age of physical distancing, being able to read a display from a distance is a massive plus point, which is why many printers are seeing unprecedented growth in demand for large-scale displays.

There’s a common misconception that if you need a large display, your only option is an expensive aluminium pop-up of the kind normally used at trade shows – and of course, this is a popular option. But there are lots of other banner styles that lend themselves well to big-scale displays for those on smaller budgets, or with specific requirements around portability. Here’s just a quick look at some of the options…

The retractable one

Retractable banners are beloved for their simplicity of use – simply assemble the bungee pole, insert into the base and pull up the graphic. We are all used to the ubiquitous pull-up banner format – 3ft wide by 6ft tall and compact enough to carry over your shoulder on the train – but did you know that retractable banners also come in bigger sizes? With a double-width cassette and two or more bungee poles, you can have all these benefits in a larger display too. Frontline’s Monaco banner stand, for example, is an impressive 6.5feet wide and offers three height options, standing at a maximum of 10 feet tall for a truly impressive display!

The fabric one

What to do when you need a big display that folds down small? Look to the tension banner for help! Tension banners are all a variation on the same system – a fabric graphic stretched onto a frame – so the graphics themselves fold up ultra small and light. Frame designs do vary but the majority of tension banners operate with a segmented pole system which means they dismantle into short sections that can be packed away in a compact carry bag for ease of transportation and storage. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise on size, however – Frontline’s Berlin model features adjustable poles so it starts at 48×42 inches and extends right out to 90 inches square for a really attention-grabbing display that folds up super small and light.

The outdoor one

Outdoors is where large banner stands really come into their own because they are often used in wide open spaces, areas with lots of people, or on sidewalks and roadsides where they have to be bold and clear enough to be seen by people in transit, and stop them in their tracks! Portable outdoor displays are sometimes put in place for a period of days or weeks, for example, to advertise an upcoming event or promotion, and in this case a product such as Frontline’s Memphis billboard is an ideal choice. At up to 12ft wide, it’s robust and large enough to do the job at hand, but can be dismantled and stored when not in use.
On the other hand, some businesses use a portable display only during opening hours – think restaurants, cafes and some retail stores – so they need all the impact of a large, robust outdoor display, while also being able to take the display inside after closing time. Any of Frontline’s outdoor sidewalk signs will fit the bill here but if you want to major on size, look no further than Philadelphia, which has a water or sand-fillable base and accepts rigid media up to 3ft wide and 6 feet tall.

The professional one

If your business regularly attends trade shows then you’ll know the power of a large display to attract attention. If you want to look professional amongst your peers, there’s really no substitute for a bold, professional-looking display stand. Trade show displays are useful in a variety of other settings too – they make great focal points on stage for presentations and keynote speeches, and can even be used as room dividers in open plan spaces to provide additional privacy or sound insulation. Some of our largest trade show displays are also the simplest – while our Sydney and Melbourne aluminium pop-ups extend to an impressive 10ft, Frontline’s Charleston and Madison displays go up to a mammoth 20ft width, yet have lightweight aluminium frames that dismantle fully for an ultra-compact fold. These displays also have fabric graphics which are not only easy to replace and store, they’re kinder to the environment as well.

Discover Frontline’s comprehensive range of banner stands and trade show displays today – or email sales@frontline-na.com for further assistance.