How does artwork enhance the office?

Creating a welcoming workspace – whether in a corporate environment or the home office – has never been more important than it is right now.
Managers and facility designers know that office environments can have a significant impact on employee wellbeing, which in turn impacts on productivity. Currently, stress levels amongst the working population are at an all-time high due to the disruption and uncertainty caused by Covid-19, so this is one area employers can look at to try and help support employees through a difficult time.
Workplaces across the country have changed since the beginning of 2020, with even the most ‘designer’ corporate spaces being invaded by plastic screens and safety signage – essential, but not exactly inspiring to look at.
A study at the University of Exeter found that staff working in an ‘enriched’ office space, with artwork and plants, completed tasks on average 15% faster than people working in a ‘lean’ office space with only the items required to complete their work. A Harvard University study showed that art in the workplace helped people to feel more upbeat, be more productive, and develop better relationships with their colleagues through discussion and interaction.
For workplaces struggling to achieve a balance between form and function, the QuickPro ArtWrap™, could provide an ideal solution, allowing your clients to create cost-effective artwork (or even important signage posing as artwork!) in record time.

How can the QuickPro ArtWrap™ help?

QuickPro ArtWrap™ allows you to create a professional quality canvas in just a few minutes, using only a stapler and a pair of scissors. It’s ideal when your clients need impressive artwork in a hurry, or for mail order clients. Images are printed onto a polyester or cotton canvas substrate and mounted onto the back board, which simply folds and locks in place for a perfectly stretched canvas that’s instantly ready to hang. The product is cost effective, compact to store and simple to use, so it can be supplied assembled or flat packed with instructions, depending on the customer’s requirements.
You can print anything onto the QuickPro ArtWrap™ which makes it a versatile option for the workplace. Available in a range of sizes, it can be used to create large, wall-mounted artworks or small, desktop pieces alike. For windowless offices, your clients may use them to create a room with a view by printing up a large-scale landscape photograph, or for meeting rooms it could be beneficial to create unique displays of inspirational quotes. They’re also really useful for small scale signage with a softer, less technical feel. Tabletop signs to remind people to sanitise their hands at reception areas and in meeting rooms are just one possible application that can help customers to comply with infection control guidance, while still maintaining the aesthetic of their workspace.
Of course, the QuickPro ArtWrap™ is also ideal for individuals wishing to enhance their home workspace – and given that home working for at least part of the week is becoming the norm, we’re predicting a huge uplift in demand for home office makeovers over the coming months. The mental wellbeing and productivity benefits of artwork are just as potent in the home office environment, and the QuickPro ArtWrap™ offers a cost-effective and speedy alternative to expensive canvases and framed prints – music to the ears of professionals who may already have invested in good quality office furniture and technology to enable them to keep working safely and effectively from home.

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