How printers can support staycation tourism

It’s that time of year when we all feel the need for some well-deserved rest and relaxation, and with a global pandemic putting the brakes on a lot of people’s vacation aspirations, Canada’s beaches and lakesides have been experiencing unusually high demand, especially during the current spell of hot weather!

Of course, many of these staycation tourists are only now discovering what many of us already knew – that North America has as much to offer as any far-flung vacation destination, and that supporting our own local economy has benefits for everyone. With this in mind, it’s prudent for printing businesses to explore opportunities to work along with tourist resorts and other businesses in their areas, to capitalise on the current demand and offer visitors an experience that is both safe and memorable.

As outdoor environments go, beach and lakeside locations are pretty rugged. While we all hope for blue skies and calm water, weather conditions can be unpredictable and even on the finest summer days, high UV levels and salty spray can wreak havoc on printed displays.

These displays are an essential part of beach or lakeside leisure experiences for a variety of reasons.

Safety is an obvious priority for everyone, whether they are working or relaxing in these environments, and it’s important that key information is displayed prominently. This might include details about high and low tides or onshore winds for bathers and watersport enthusiasts (often displayed on an A-board sign at the entrance to a beach or jetty), and flying banners to indicate safe swimming areas, warn against rip tides, or alert visitors to the location of lifeguard and first aid stations.

Businesses operating in waterside locations are competing for the attention of vacationers in order to maximise profits within the peak season, and there are lots of options for outdoor displays that can help them to get noticed. Flag banners are always a popular choice for beachfront locations – their height means they are easily seen from a distance, they cope well with wet and windy conditions, and they adapt effortlessly to use on both sidewalks (with a weighted base) or off-road locations, including right on the beach where they can be simply pushed into the sand.

Pole kits are another valuable advertising tool for beach or lakefront businesses, though they are just as often used by town halls to promote tourism campaigns and create a branded experience around their outdoor resources.

Since many of the restaurants and other attractions operating in these locations are seasonal businesses, temporary displays also form an important part of their signage. Outdoor banners may replace conventional retail signage altogether, given that permanent signage can take a real battering during the winter months – but if not, they are still a vital tool for attracting customers at peak times, especially for those venues that don’t have the luxury of a waterfront location.

All the usual outdoor displays for tourism and hospitality businesses will also apply – menus on sidewalk signs, signposting for tucked-away venues – and of course this year, there’s the small matter of a pandemic to contend with. Given the high footfall anticipated by many of Canada’s resort locations this year in particular, it’s very probable that these businesses will need to add to or replace items like retractable banners designed to reinforce messages around hand hygiene and physical distancing, especially as the season goes on and visitor numbers increase.

All things considered, there are plenty of opportunities for printers to get involved and help to make 2020 a record year for staycation tourism across North America. To discuss how Frontline can help, with quality products and responsive service, email