Improve school safety with banner displays

It’s that time of year again when teachers, parents and students all begin preparations for a new school term – buying school uniforms and backpacks, checking that they’re stocked up on stationery and mentally preparing for a return to schedules and homework.

This year, it’s a bit different for everyone, and there’s one extra thing to worry about – Covid-19. As the first pandemic in most of our lifetimes, coronavirus is still causing much uncertainty about how we get back to our normal lifestyles and routines without putting our health, and the resources of our healthcare system, at risk.

Schools and colleges, like every other organisation, are preparing as best they can with the information available to them. Right now, it seems that schools will reopen in September, but ‘normality’ will look a little different – perhaps with smaller classes, alternating days, staggered break times and rigorous hygiene measures in place.

All of this is necessary, but may also be causing worry for the wider school community. How will the measures be enforced? How can we make students feel safe? How can we keep students and staff informed about the risks, while ensuring our school is a happy and welcoming environment that promotes learning?

How to help staff and students feel safe at school

As with any situation that feel unfamiliar or daunting, knowledge is power. Schools and colleges can help to minimise uncertainty and worry by making sure the whole school community is well-informed, using bold visual displays to communicate important messages clearly.

Think about all the places people naturally pause within the school environment. At entrances and exits, outside classrooms, in locker bays, washrooms and cafeterias. All of these locations represent an opportunity to present important safety information in a format that is clear, easy to understand, and reassuring for both staff and students.

Portable displays offer an ideal solution for this task – they are lightweight, easy to move around, and versatile, with the option to change displays frequently as the new term evolves.

There are lots of options available. Retractable banner stands are a go-to solution for bold displays that pop up in seconds and from entry-level models offering excellent value for money, to premium versions with interchangeable graphics, there’s something to suit every school.

Tension banner systems are another great option, especially if you need a dynamic display option – they’re lightweight and super portable with a small footprint, as well as making it simple to swap out the graphics as needed.

For more robust performance in schools and colleges – particularly in outdoor or high traffic areas – a rigid media display is an ideal choice. These range from our heavy duty SmartWedge base which supports a corrugated plastic panel up to 72 inches tall, to smaller tabletop styles that are ideally suited to use in classrooms, cafeterias and libraries. The use of sidewalk poster stands, either A-board or weighted base versions, is ideal for outdoor locations – perhaps the entrance to school grounds or an internal quad – but also perfect for places where a more robust option is required, such as sports halls or poolside.

Last but by no means least, display systems are an essential partner for hand sanitiser, reinforcing the how and why of hand hygiene as a means to stop the spread of germs. Frontline also offers a range of hand sanitiser stations with built in display function, with various size options and even a hands-free model to maximise safety.

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