Information Stands: A Sales Pitch ‘To Go’

Takeaways have become a major feature of our lives since Covid-19 – a lifesaver for many restaurants and cafes, who might not have survived an extended ban on people eating out, and a little slice of normality for those of us who previously had a whole routine built around coffee dates and weekend dinner outings!

Of course, food isn’t the only thing we can take away to consume later – the same is true for information. A lot of focus is placed on creating information displays that are large, or bold, or carefully designed so that the information can be consumed there and then – especially in high traffic areas. There’s no doubt that this is important, especially for high impact messages or for impulse buying – but it’s not the only way to get a message across to your consumer.

Some consumers don’t respond well to the pressure that often comes with an impulse buy – they get overwhelmed and duck out of the purchase. Other times, the environment isn’t conducive to absorbing a lot of information well enough to make an informed decision. For big-ticket items or complex products and services, very often what that consumer wants from a retail or trade show experience is to learn as much as they can about a product or service – including the real people behind the brand name – before making a decision in their own time. In these scenarios, some ‘takeaway’ information is vital for keeping your sales pitch fresh in the customer’s mind, and ensuring they have all the important details they need to help get a sale across the line.

There are lots of ways to provide takeaway information for consumers both in retail and trade show environments, ranging from basic leaflet holders that sit on a table top through to complete, freestanding and even multimedia displays. The size and design of your information displays will be largely dictated by the environment, and the type or amount of information you want to disseminate.

Some businesses have lots of similar but different products, which gives the consumer a lot of food for thought – and these businesses often find it helpful to have an array of sales sheets that facilitate comparison between products. In this case, a display with multiple shelves or pockets is an ideal choice. It’s important that the consumer and the salesperson alike can easily see and select the required information at a glance, so Perspex or clear plastic ‘windows’ are a common feature of these displays.

This type of display is also useful on a busy trade stand where it may not be possible to speak to every customer that stops by – by displaying information sheets or leaflets clearly, you make it easy for passing customer to select the pieces of information that are relevant to them, to (hopefully) discuss with you again at some point in the future.

Not all sales pitches can be adequately supported by a single sheet or two, however. Some companies invest heavily in literature to support their product range, delving deep into their brand story, creative process or heritage. Others may produce large product catalogues, bringing together their entire portfolio in one place – and still others may have very technical products or equipment, requiring a detailed manual to explain the features, benefits and practical workings of these items. Chunky information booklets require a robust information stand to support not only their weight, but to hold enough material to cater for busy periods without needing to refill the stand too often.

Last but not least, there are the customers – and indeed products – that need a little push in the right direction when it comes to selling. In a situation where you are unable to speak directly to every single customer, it’s quite possible for them to mistakenly think that a. you don’t have any additional information available or b. that they already know everything about your product. In these cases, the combination of an information stand with a display stand could be just the job. A freestanding display combining a snap frame with some literature dispensers is the ideal way to grab the customer’s attention with ‘on the spot’ marketing, and then offer up some additional information to take away – a double whammy of sales power that can result in significantly more conversions, whether you use it within your regular sales environment, or on the move at exhibitions.

Which brings us to our final point – additional features. Information displays come in many shapes and sizes, each with its own features and USPs so it’s worth considering your individual needs before you make a decision. For occasional use, a super lightweight mesh information display could be all you need. Alternatively, if you regularly attend shows, you might consider a more robust design that also folds up easily, and this can be used in your retail premises, office or showroom at other times.

To discuss the best information stand for your needs, why not give us a call, or email and we’ll get back to you!