L-banners all the way this festive season

We’re fast approaching the busiest time of the year for many businesses, especially those operating in the hospitality and retail sectors, and while a global pandemic has changed the landscape of consumer behaviour, the success of this season is no less critical to their futures.

From displaying safety and hygiene protocols, to converting browsers into buyers, the role of banner stands and other advertising tools cannot be overstated as businesses seek to make the absolute most of what are likely to be reduced footfalls this festive season.

When it comes to affordable, hardworking banner stands that deliver maximum impact on seasonal sales, you can’t go far wrong with the humble L-banner, or tension banner as they are often known.

Ideal for advertising everything from discounts and promotions to events, L-banners have a number of key benefits that make them ideal for use in hotel lobbies, restaurants, retail environments and many other places that will become focal points for consumers over the coming weeks.

What is a tension banner?

An L-banner or tension banner is a simple, lightweight display system with a modular frame made from interlocking poles.  Some have clamp bars top and bottom, with a bungee pole that inserts into a twist-out foot on the base.  Others use hooks and eyelets to attach the graphics to an x-shaped frame.  In both cases, the graphics panel is stretched tightly onto the frame, giving it stability.

At their most basic, L-banners are an entry-level display system ideal for short term, indoor use at events or for all kinds of promotional activity.  They can be used interchangeably with retractable banners in any location, with the added benefit of being much lighter to carry and more compact to store.

L-banners don’t have to be basic, however.  There are many different sizes and styles that make these versatile displays a valuable tool in all kinds of high-traffic, high stakes environments.

Consider retail environments, or even transportation hubs during the holiday period, for example; these environments get really busy with festive shoppers and people scrambling to get home to be with loved ones.  Footfalls may well be lower this year, but this is balanced against two key needs – the first, to make sure people are aware of infection control protocols, and second, to maximise selling potential at a time when e-commerce is a safer and more convenient option.

Maximise sales potential this festive season

In these locations, it’s vital to have highly visible displays that can cope with multi-directional foot traffic, which is where systems like our Oslo and Oslo Double really come into their own.  With top and bottom clamp bars for easy graphic changes and a rigid carry bag to protect your display in transit, Oslo offers premium performance suitable for a wide variety of uses.  With the Oslo Double, you get a dual-sided display that gives maximum impact in crowded or open plan spaces, where it can be viewed from any angle.

For displays right at the point of sale, the Munich L-banner is another great example of how versatile tension banners can be.  Designed specifically to meet the ever-changing needs of consumer-facing businesses, Munich’s adhesive top and bottom rails fold back to hide all hardware so that only the graphic is visible.  It’s ideal for tabletop use in a wide range of environments, particularly hotel lobbies, for menus, and at retail cash registers.

Both Oslo and Munich are made from lightweight but strong aluminium, with a quick and easy setup that makes them ideal for busy environments this festive season.  Add affordability and ease of transportation, and they might just be the perfect display to help businesses gain traction at a crucial time!

Stock of these products is available right now for immediate shipping.  For further enquiries, email sales@frontline-na.com