Make the most of the festive season with smart displays

The festive season is almost upon us and with it comes a whole host of opportunities – and challenges – for businesses in the retail and hospitality sectors.  This holiday season is shaping up to be unlike any other, with a global pandemic still making its presence felt and a huge amount of pressure for businesses to capitalise on festive trade while also keeping their customers and staff as safe as possible while they’re out and about enjoying the season.

In terms of print and display, this means a double whammy of requirements – a mixture of practical and informative solutions aimed at safeguarding health, as well as clever and eye-catching marketing displays designed to catch the eye of consumers who are likely to spend a lot less time out shopping this year.

With this in mind, we’ve brought together a guide to the festive display solutions every business should have in their marketing toolkit right now in order to maximise footfall and stay one step ahead of Covid-19 in the process.

Be sidewalk savvy

The sidewalk outside your business premises is really an extension of the shop floor and a valuable space for attracting attention to your offering with bold displays announcing your presence, or detailing special offers and promotions to tempt people in.  It’s also a really important location when it comes to delivering safety or protocol messages your customers need before they come inside – this eliminates any confusion or ‘dithering’ in doorways, which can present an infection risk.

For a semi-permanent display that can be left out in all weathers and overnight, we recommend the Seattle sidewalk sign, which has a fillable weighted base on wheels, and spring-mounted display with snap frames on both sides that can easily withstand strong winds and tough environments.  Seattle accepts regular poster paper so it’s easy and inexpensive to change up the graphics, while clear poster covers protect your messaging from the elements.

For a sidewalk display that can be tucked away outside of store hours, our Boston display is a convenient solution that can be folded flat and brought indoors when not in use.  Boston also offers easy-to-use snap frames on both sides for simple graphics changes, and can be used indoors if required.

Pop-up power

Events will be sadly limited this Christmas due to the pandemic but there will always be innovative organisers and businesses that find a way to host seasonal attractions, while still adhering to any relevant restrictions – especially outdoors.  We anticipate that pop-up retail stands and festive markets will still be a heart-warming feature of the 2020 retail landscape and when it comes to pop-ups, what could be more appropriate than a retractable banner to promote them?

Retractable banners are ideal when you need to create big visual impact or deliver larger amounts of information that people can stop to read up close, so they’re ideal for the kind of branded displays we associate with pop-up markets and fairs in retail thoroughfares.

Due to their height, retractable banners for use in busy areas need to have a weighty base to prevent them from being tipped over, and we have two models that we frequently recommend for multi-purpose use, whether indoors or out.  The Valencia banner boasts heavy-duty aluminium construction, with a double-sided display for versatility, a spring-loaded pole and a twist-out foot for added stability.  It comes supplied with four stakes for soft ground should you wish to use it in an outdoor setting.

For even more robust performance, why not choose the Barcelona retractable banner, which also has a double-sided display making it ideal for high traffic areas, and boasts a fillable, wheeled base to ensure it can withstand anything the elements – or pedestrians – might throw at it.  Both displays are ideal for use on street or in busy shopping malls this festive season!

Wow with windows

Store windows are another valuable space for conveying information, whether that’s keeping people informed about the practicalities of shopping during a pandemic, or fuelling up their desire for some retail therapy with creative visual merchandising displays and special offer discounts.  The Montreal poster clamp is ideal for any of the above, with a space-saving design that makes changing graphics an absolute breeze!  Simply open the clamps at attach the Montreal to your poster top and bottom, then suspend from the ceiling or wall mount for an instantly impactful window display.

Maximize wall space

Wall space within retail and hospitality settings is a massively underused resource.  Of course, nobody is saying that every square inch of wall should be covered with marketing displays and posters – quite the opposite – but a few carefully considered displays can have a real impact when it comes to getting your message noticed.  Snap frames are an ideal way to wall mount simple posters you can print in house, for an inexpensive and professional-looking solution.  Place these anywhere a customer might pause long enough to read small-format media – next to entrances and exits, on the wall beside restaurant tables, or in restrooms, elevators, changing cubicles and more.

Our Toronto aluminum snap frame is a great option, available in silver or black to suit your interior and offering swift and easy access to your graphic for regular changes.

Safety first

Keeping staff and customers safe is a number one priority for all businesses this winter, so hand hygiene and other infection control measures have become part of the business landscape.  Frontline’s Marshall hand sanitizer stand is a sturdy option, standing over 5ft tall and complete with a snap frame display.  Marshall’s heavy-duty construction makes it suitable for any environment, and it’s available in several sizes accommodating various bottle sizes.

For added safety in waiting areas, receptions and even retail changing rooms, the Swiftscreen Solo is another useful tool for businesses.  These individual room dividers can be connected together to create whole systems that can stop the transfer of germs without spoiling the aesthetic of the interior.  Swiftscreen Solo is made from powder-coated steel frame with clear acrylic panels for robust, hygienic performance and easy cleaning.

On the move

During busy periods, businesses may require temporary displays that they can put up and take down as required – for example, to help limit the number of people inside a store, or to alert customers to changing opening hours or delays due to cleaning etc.  These displays must be quick and easy to use, and compact to store, which makes tension banner systems like our Porto and Naples models an ideal choice!  With a simple frame the erects in minutes and a fabric graphics panel that takes up no space at all, both of these displays are ideal for short-term use and can be changed or updated regularly with zero hassle – perfect for responding to the ever-changing circumstances of a pandemic.  Tension banners can even be used outdoors – check out our Eclipse model with its fillable base.

Style and substance

Health warnings aren’t exactly conducive to a relaxed shopping experience and for many brands, the addition of bulky displays goes against the grain of their overall aesthetic.  The good news is, there are plenty of displays available that are as stylish as they are functional, blending effortlessly into even the most exclusive boutiques and minimalist workspaces.

For small-scale display signage, you could select the Bradford information display, which is manufactured right here in Canada and features a sleek, black steel frame that looks perfectly at home anywhere from a designer store to a boutique hotel.  It’s ideal for reminding people to keep their distance or to sanitize their hands on entry.

For larger displays, Frontline’s SmartWedge fits the bill perfectly with its minimalist design – a simple steel base screws together to clamp a rigid media board up to 6ft tall for a clean, crisp look that offers many of the benefits of a retractable or tension banner, and is ideal for use in stores, on thoroughfares or as part of a window display.

Need help choosing the right festive display solutions for you or your customers this year?  We’d be happy to assist – give us a call or email