Printing opportunities abound ahead of US elections

The road to the US Presidential Elections in November is gathering pace after the long suspension due to Covid-19, with candidates and their supporters finally back on the campaign trail.

For printing businesses, an election year presents lots of opportunities to capitalise on political parties’ need to get their messages out in any and all ways, using every medium at their disposal.

The coming weeks will be an intense period of campaigning with primaries and caucuses now due to wrap up in the late summer. Indoor events and rallies are going ahead in most states with social distancing measures in place, which translates to increased demand for indoor displays.

Retractable banners, tension stands and backdrop-style trade show displays all have their place at events like these, whether deployed on stage to broadcast campaign messages, to display relevant information about candidates, or used behind the scenes to reinforce physical distancing and other event protocols.

Of course, outdoor advertising will also have a huge role to play in these elections, not least because it may be deemed safer to hold large rallies and events in the open air due to Covid-19. Voters can expect to be bombarded with campaign messages from all angles, whether that’s outside event venues or just as they go about their daily lives.

As a printing business, now is a great time to show off what you have to offer your local political representatives in terms of the publicity they need. Flag pole kits and flying banners are an ideal starting point for raising campaign awareness – their height and small footprint means they can go almost anywhere, and used in large numbers they can help harness the power of repetition to get a candidate’s name or campaign slogan ingrained into the public consciousness.

For more targeted events, outdoor banner frames allow you to create a lightweight yet durable billboard that can be placed almost anywhere, from roadside locations to rooftops – and of course it’s portable, so like the candidates themselves, it can go on tour in a city or town. For events, A-frame displays are a versatile way to signpost people while making the most of the opportunity to deliver snippets of the manifesto.

The recent shutdown has meant that parties and their support teams are likely to be on the back foot when it comes to their campaign materials, so it’s all systems go now – and there are rich pickings for printers who can respond quickly to this demand. At Frontline, our extensive warehousing facilities mean we hold large amounts of stock for same day dispatch, helping our clients to stay one step ahead. To discover more, visit