Reflections on an extraordinary year

This time last year, we were looking forward to a milestone year – as the turn of the decade, and a much-anticipated date ‘in the future’, the arrival of 2020 felt quite momentous.  Of course, none of us knew that it would be a game-changing year for reasons we never anticipated – and yet as it draws to a close, it’s interesting to reflect on both the positives and the negatives that this extraordinary year has highlighted.  Our vice-president Rick Barber has been taking a look back at the highs and lows, and what we’ve learned…

“As the days continue getting shorter, the temperature colder, and the holidays closer, we are reminded that the year is drawing to a close. For many in the sign and display sector it has been one of the most challenging years on record, as the pandemic decimated the live events sector, shut retail and pushed the global economy to the edge. As I write, in many areas the virus continues to infect, with restrictions still prevalent and an uncertain holiday season ahead.

And yet, despite the unprecedented nature of this year, with all its challenges, and for some, sorrow, I have witnessed too a shining spirit of resilience and agility. Such purpose has sought to meet and overcome the obstacles and not be daunted by the difficulties faced. Doubtless many have seen the same, yet seeing it first-hand in my comrades and colleagues here at Frontline has been truly inspiring.

In March, as the pandemic gathered momentum and our industry faltered, Frontline saw the pressure healthcare facilities were under to provide adequately for patient safety.  With distancing mandates and other initiatives aimed at reducing risk of transmission, it became apparent that these facilities needed a way to divide space easily. After some design, planning and prototyping, SwiftScreen was born as an affordable, mobile privacy divider, made right here in Canada.

As we’ve navigated the pandemic since, it’s been a testament to the agility of our team that SwiftScreen has prospered alongside our existing business.  Balancing workload has been challenging, yet our team has shown great resilience and positivity. The adage that ‘attitude determines altitude’ has never been more evident. SwiftScreen has developed, with more divider products launched, and will continue to be an area of focus in the future.

Supporting domestic manufacturing has been rewarding too, and continues to be a focus for the company moving forward. The pandemic has brought to light fragilities across supply chains in many industries, and we are committed to exploring more opportunities right here in North America and sustainable trade partners globally.

In closing, I look forward to 2021 with optimism and am assured that with our team of suppliers, staff and clients, we will emerge from the adversity of 2020 stronger and better equipped for our continued journey.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their support in 2020 and wish you a happy and safe festive season.  Frontline will be closed for business from December 24, resuming as normal on Monday, January 4.  To make an enquiry, email