Smart solutions for safer vaccine clinics

It’s almost a year since the first cases of Covid-19 were reported in Canada and in many ways it feels as if not much has changed – right now many parts of the country are back in a state of emergency, and our healthcare system is under immense strain just as it was back in the first wave of the pandemic.

But of course, one key thing has changed, and it represents the beginning of the end for Covid: the development and approval of a vaccine.  Vaccination clinics are being rolled out across the country at pace, but it’s likely to take months before their impact starts to be felt.  In the interim period it’s vital that these clinics can be carried out in the safest, most infection secure way possible – a challenge considering the high volumes of people that will pass through their doors.

Vaccination clinics require strict space division and zoning in order to successfully manage the throughput of patients at every stage of the journey, from check-in to waiting and finally to the vaccination itself.  Solutions that facilitate social distancing and make it easy to sanitize all touchpoints that could potentially pose an infection risk are key.

Frontline brought the SwiftScreen to market during the first wave of the pandemic as a way to help close-contact services, especially healthcare, reduce the risk of infection.  As we move into a new and promising phase of the fight against Covid-19, we’re excited about the ways in which SwiftScreen can support the drive to roll vaccines out safely to all of Canada’s citizens.

So, what is SwiftScreen?

SwiftScreen is a versatile, mobile solution for patient privacy and infection control. Affordable, robust and simple to use, it provides clinical staff with a vital tool for dividing wards, isolating individual patients or creating private spaces within busy departments.

Since the launch of the original SwiftScreen, we have developed a number of additional iterations of the screen, providing a range of options ideal for uses as dividers for vaccine clinics.  These include standing and seated waiting areas (including fixed seating) as well as modular cubicle systems.  Here’s a look at the range:

SwiftScreen Original is a solid surface alternative to the conventional, mobile hospital screen.  With a powder coated steel frame and smooth, non-porous panels it’s a convenient and effective way to isolate a patient or divide a space, and can be cleaned using your existing clinical-grade hard surface disinfectant.

SwiftScreen SOLO is an individual, freestanding screen panel made from powder coated steel with a clear, polycarbonate panel and a sturdy base.  Standing 60 inches tall, it can be used to prevent cross infection in both standing or seated environments – place between chairs to facilitate social distancing in waiting areas, use to create one-way traffic systems in hallways and lobbies, or deploy as a sneeze guard in front of reception desks.  The SwiftScreen SOLO XL is an even taller version of this product, standing 74 inches tall for full height protection.

SwiftScreen SHIELD has been developed for use specifically with joined or fixed seating systems where it can be impossible to effectively place other freestanding screens in between chairs.  A clear, polycarbonate screen is mounted on a single post with a sturdy base to provide support.  Once in position, the system provides protection from seat level upwards, enabling facilities to improve infection control within the parameters of existing infrastructure.

SwiftPanel is a temporary wall system used to divide space, or create private rooms, quickly and easily. It’s ideal for the creation of small, temporary booth to facilitate mass vaccinations, keeping individual patients separate and safe while also facilitating easy cleaning.  The panels are made from durable polypropylene for impact resistance and simply slot into a sturdy base – there’s no need for skilled trades to assemble.  SwiftPanel has multiple configurations so it’s easy to set up the space as needed, and cleaning couldn’t be easier – the non-porous material can be sprayed or wiped down using any hard surface disinfectant.

This pandemic has presented some incredibly tough challenges and brought devastation on both personal and economic levels – but for the first time, the road ahead looks clear and there’s light at the end of it.  At Frontline, we’re proud to be supporting the efforts of our healthcare colleagues to contain and defeat this virus.

To discuss how SwiftScreen could benefit your facility, get in touch by emailing, or to find out more about the SwiftScreen range, visit our sister site at