SmartWedge for smart stores this festive season

Christmas is fast approaching and while nobody yet knows whether festive shoppers will come out in their droves or be put off by the threat of coronavirus, retailers holding sale events are still under pressure to be ready, in the event that crowds of shoppers do hit the shops over the coming weeks.

While the majority of this year’s seasonal shopping is likely to take place online, there are still items people prefer to buy face-to-face – especially big-ticket items such as electricals and home appliances.

Many retailers have already started their Black Friday discounts in a bid to spread footfall over a longer period, thus reducing the risk of infection.  But with just 7 weeks to go until Christmas Day, and a very real fear about the introduction of more restrictions in parts of North America where Covid-19 cases are on the rise, there’s also a chance of big demand on the high street from people keen to get their festive shopping done locally while they still can!

This footfall is something most retailers will wish to encourage, whilst also being mindful of safety.  The busy weeks leading up to Christmas are make-or-break for stores, especially small or independent retailers, so their focus will be on maximising sales while also doing their utmost to keep people informed and safe as they shop.

As we’ve previously discussed, temporary signage has a big role to play in both – from advertising promotions and special offers, to encouraging people to avail of safer shopping options like curbside collection, to displaying important in-store reminders about infection control protocol.

These signs need to be highly visible, sturdy enough to withstand heavy footfall, and easy to keep clean – and for an option to tick all the boxes, you need look no further than Frontline’s SmartWedge!

SmartWedge is a simple and innovative rigid media display with a number of key advantages for busy retail environments.  It’s sturdy, with a low centre of gravity and a small footprint which means it’s much less likely to be buffeted by crowds, or to cause a trip hazard.  It’s easy and quick to assemble, and last but not least, it accepts rigid media up to 72 inches tall and an inch thick, for maximum visual impact in a format that is easy to wipe down after a busy day.

SmartWedge’s modern, frameless design means it looks great in any environment, from high-end boutiques to busy shopping malls, and is even suitable for temporary outdoor use when weather conditions permit.  The steel base can also be customised with adhesive decals for a fully branded look that’s perfect at the point of sale.

SmartWedge is available in 4”, 24” & 36” wide options, with a black or silver finish, and is in stock now for immediate shipping.  For further detail or to place an order, email