Switching it up with versatile banner displays

You have to hand it to the humble retractable banner. When it comes to affordability, versatility and portability, it’s almost impossible to beat this workhorse of the print and display industry. Pop it up, roll it down, pop it in the bag and stash it away for next time – simple.

Of course, not all retractable banners are created equal. From entry-level models designed for temporary or light use, to double-sided or even triple-sided designs that catch the customer’s attention from all angles, pop-up banners come in different styles and can be used in a huge variety of settings, for lots of different purposes. While cheaper versions will do most jobs perfectly well, when customers are prepared to invest in a more expensive banner, they also get lots of useful features that can result in increased value from a performance and a sales point of view. Double-sided banners, as an example, have the potential to attract twice as many customers – a no brainer if the banner stand is going to be used in a busy environment with heavy foot traffic in all directions, such as an airport or shopping mall.

Interchangeable banner stands

One feature of roll-up banners that many people may not know about is the potential to replace the graphics panel. Many premium banners offer this feature which creates endless options for the user and makes it truly worthwhile to invest in a more expensive model.

There are two types of mechanism for changing the displays on these banners. Some models allow you to expose the ‘leader’ – the vinyl that attached directly to the roller inside the cassette of the banner, which in turn attaches to your display using extra strong hook and loop tape. To replace, you simply pull away the tape and attach a new display before rolling up and refitting the top bar so you can pop your display up as normal. For an even simpler option, other models offer replaceable cassettes – so you can open the base of your retractable banner, release the roller mechanism, and insert a whole new one with a different display already attached. The latter is usually the more expensive of the two, but is also easier to change – ideal if you need to do this quickly or in the middle of an exhibition!

Why choose an interchangeable banner?

There are lots of reasons to opt for an interchangeable banner next time you’re investing in a pop-up display. Firstly, it’s a more sustainable option for businesses that regularly switch their messaging. Rather than buying ‘disposable’ banners – cheap versions to be used for a short time and then replaced – they can save on waste by reusing the base cassette, and changing only the banner itself.
Secondly, being able to swap displays allows businesses to travel light while still remaining agile in terms of messaging. Imagine a two-day trade show, with different audiences on different days. Day one might be B2B visitors, while day two could be B2C attendees – each requiring a different marketing approach. With a conventional banner, you’d have to bring two, but with an interchangeable model, all you need is an extra panel which will easily fit inside the bag of your existing banner.

Models with a removable cassette allow for even greater flexibility, because they’re so quick to change – you could do this right in the middle of an exhibition hall or event, even as customers are milling around. They’re ideal if you’re going into an unfamiliar environment or audience – once you’ve got a feel for what’s selling on a particular day, you can display a relevant marketing message. You might even want to tailor your campaign as an event progresses, by offering even better offers nearer to closing time in a ‘countdown sale’ format that taps into buyers’ fear of missing out.

Of course, retractable banners aren’t the only choice for customers wishing to change up their graphics from time to time. Tension banners are also a great value option, with a lightweight footprint that’s ideal for marketing in a wide variety of settings, from small displays to large trade show stands – but more on those another time!

Frontline’s Madrid and Geneva Ace both offer interchangeable graphics options and represent excellent value for money. To find out more, visit www.frontline-na.com/retractable-banner-stands.