Breaking Banner Stands · Chapter 2

The Assembly Dos & Don’ts

Check out our video where we attempt to break some retractable banner stands!


Never assume the end user knows how to assemble the stand correctly. Although manufacturers, distributors, and installers of banner stands understand these tips as basic knowledge, many end users don’t understand the correct and incorrect means of assembling a retractable banner stand. The best way to avoid common errors outlined here is by educating the end user.

❌  Don’t forget to insert the pole into both sections of the base. Without the added support of the pole being properly inserted into the base, the weight of the media will topple the banner stand.

✔️  Do insert the pole into both sections of the base. Standing behind the banner during assembly provides clear sight lines. Ensure the pole is clicked into the bottom of the base for necessary support and stability of the banner.

❌  Don’t overreach. Attempting to attach the top clamp bar to the top of the pole can be challenging when the banner stand is taller than the user.

✔️  When needed, tilt the banner stand backwards. Grab the pole from behind at a reasonable height and tilt the banner stand towards yourself until the top clamp bar is at a manageable height. Twist the top bar on a 45° angle and insert top clip into the channel of the top clamp bar.

❌  Don’t attach the top clamp bar to the pole before inserting the pole into the base. When you attempt to set the banner up this way, you are separating an aggressive amount of tension with a pole that may not be strong enough to handle it, atop a clamp bar that is now in an unlocked position on the pole fitting.

✔️  Rather, insert the pole first, then attach the top clamp bar to the pole. If needed, tilt the banner stand towards yourself until the top bar is at a manageable height.

❌  Don’t overextend the telescopic pole. Extending the pole before attaching the top clamp bar can cause issues if the banner was trimmed shorter than the maximum possible extended height. If the banner is trimmed too short, it is possible for the user to pull hard enough that the banner becomes detached from the base.

✔️  Attach top clamp bar to telescopic pole PRIOR to extending it.

Step 1 – Insert the pole into the base with the pole in the lowest height position.

Step 2 – With one hand on the pole, grab the top bar from the base and extend the banner.

Step 3 – Insert the top clip into the channel of the top clamp bar at a 45° angle.

Step 4 – Stand behind the graphic and tilt the banner stand toward yourself until it is at chest or neck height.

Step 5 – While holding one hand on the top bar and the other on the pole below the thumb lock, open the thumb lock and pull up; extending the graphic and the telescopic pole.

Step 6 – Secure the position of the telescopic pole by closing the thumb lock.


Naturally, when the banner is pulled out of the base, the tension within the base will create some resistance. If the resistance is unmanageable by the average person, likely something is wrong.

❌  Don’t fight the banner. If the banner is pulled out with too much force, the leader could detach from the media and cause irreparable damage to the stand.

✔️  Be cautious and practice patience. If the leader is visible, the banner was printed or trimmed too short for the banner stand. If the leader is not exposed but the tension stops before you are able to reach the top of the pole, you may have a defective stand.


Take your time.

When you are ready to pull the pin and release the tension, it is recommended that you hold onto the banner tightly to ensure it does not snap at you when the pin is pulled. Allowing the banner to retract into the base slowly prevents the banner being damaged on the sides as it wraps around the roller inside.

Set it up!

99% of claims can be avoided by setting up the banner stand before packing it away and shipping it to the customer. If any step above was done incorrectly, or there is an underlying issue with the hardware, this is a great opportunity to find out before the customer does.

Don’t skip a step or autopilot the installation.

All steps listed above are important to ensure the stand will function properly when the pin in pulled and the tension is released. If the top bar or leader are not installed properly, it can cause damage or injury when setting up the final product.

Use the resources available.

Using the custom graphic template and following instructions will eliminate many common user errors at the stage of installation.