Silver linings: what we’ve learned from 2020

However unrealistic, the majority of us hoped that the arrival of 2021 would herald the beginning of the end in terms of coronavirus.  While this is certainly the case in theory thanks to the beginning of a global vaccination programme, the situation on the ground feels more like Groundhog Day than a new dawn – we’re back in lockdown, with cases rising exponentially and fears about new, more infectious strains of the virus emerging.

But if we’ve learned one thing over the past 12 months, it’s that we’re tougher than we think – and however tired and disheartened we may feel at the prospect of more restrictions, we already have the skills to get through what will hopefully be the final major obstacle to recovery from this pandemic.

Strength in vulnerability

When Covid-19 first arrived on Canadian shores in the spring of 2020 none of us knew what was going to play out.  In business, we’re accustomed to a degree of certainty – the ability to forecast what’s going to happen, and the natural pattern of consumer demand that ebbs and flows with the seasons.  When the first lockdown happened, that all went out the window, and we’ve yet to see any significant return to normality.  So, business has had to become more resilient, more agile and more instinctive.  Companies have had to take risks, pivot – or change tack altogether – in a bid to stay afloat during this time.

We’ve learned the true value of people.  There are few businesses still operating that won’t tell you they have been awestruck by the resilience and determination of their workforces to shoulder the wheel and keep going even when faced with uncertainty and at times, personal peril.  In fighting for survival, and admitting we didn’t have all the answers, we’ve discovered that there is strength in vulnerability.

For us at Frontline, these lessons have been extremely valuable and will not be quickly forgotten.  Agility and innovation have brought us to this point – the ability to pivot our existing product offer for a unique and rapidly evolving situation, and the courage to branch out and bring new products to market in direct response to the pandemic.  As the vaccination program gathers pace across Canada, we hope to be in a strong position to support the healthcare sector with our SwiftScreen product, while continuing to support a wide range of sectors towards recovery through our print and display offering.

Looking ahead

The past year has been challenging, and we’re not out of the woods yet.  As science rides to the rescue on health, there will be a huge amount of work to do to restore our economy and rebuild a healthier, fairer, more stable world for everybody.  But we know from the challenges we’ve already overcome that we can do hard things, and that outlook has a big impact on outcomes.  We’re privileged to work alongside so many businesses that share our outlook – one of determination, hard work and dedication.  Things feel heavy right now, but better days are just around the corner; we can’t wait to be back out on the road again meeting clients, and to seeing the industries we serve coming back into full bloom once more.  The only way out is through – so let’s get going!

We’re here to help in any way we can.  To inquire about any of Frontline’s products, including our SwiftScreen dividers and vaccination booths, contact