Trick the eye this April Fool’s

It’s April Fool’s Day, when jokesters all over the world take their opportunity to play a prank on others with impunity.

Once a simple bit of fun, April Fool’s has been adopted by the marketing world as an important opportunity for businesses to demonstrate their creativity and sense of humour.  It’s common these days for brands to try and outdo themselves (and each other) by creating prank-based campaigns that go viral online, resulting in huge exposure.

Of course, not all businesses have the wherewithal to do this – but a little creativity goes a long way.  Portable displays are a great way to get your April Fool’s campaign noticed, and the only limit is your imagination!  The display itself could be part of the prank – think made-up special offers or joke backdrops for your April Fool’s Day meetings.  Of course, ‘tricking the eye’ isn’t just reserved for April Fool’s; lots of our displays can be used to create effects that are useful all year round.  Here are some ideas:

Floating displays with standoffs

Using standoffs to mount acrylic or foam board panels on the wall creates the effect that the display is somehow ‘floating’.  It’s possible to use clear acrylic as the main substrate which can further enhance the ethereal look of these types of display, making them ideal for environments where you want the signage to almost disappear unless you’re looking for it – think upmarket hotels and art galleries, that often need to display information on the walls without detracting from their interior aesthetics.

 Pop-up backdrops

You could use a pop-up meeting backdrop to fool your colleagues that you’re working from a beach in the Bahamas – but these are most useful for giving the impression that you’re in a work environment when you could be absolutely anywhere!  With so many people likely to continue working from home even after the coronavirus pandemic, this can be really helpful – it preserves the privacy of the individual’s home by blocking out the background, and presents a cohesive, corporate image to the rest of the world at the same time.

Now you see it, now you don’t

One of the most valuable aspects of a portable display is that they fold away when not in use, and when it comes to doing a disappearing act, they don’t come much more impressive than the humble tension banner.  Made from a framework of lightweight poles with a fabric front panel, these displays look impressively sturdy when assembled, but fold up incredibly small when not in use.  It’s perhaps more of a magic trick than an April Fool’s Day prank, but whatever way you look at it, these clever displays can bring unexpected impact to your sales and marketing activity that is sure to make a lasting impression!

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