Turn Passers-By Into Paying Customers

It’s November, which means the official start of the festive countdown and the first day of what has become the biggest month of the year in retail, capped off by Black Friday, which this year falls on November 26.

This time last year many countries around the world were still in lockdown and the majority of Black Friday events had to take place online, or with vastly restricted in-person arrangements. This year, although the spectre of Covid-19 is still looming, it looks like normal service will resume – and shoppers are more than ready for a blowout! 

So how can you make sure your store or hospitality business stands out from the bustling crowds this Black Friday? Grab your piece of the action with our range of high-quality, eye-catching portable displays – and our top tips for getting noticed.


Attention-grabbing tactics

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: getting customers through the door is more than half the battle. On packed high streets in crowded cities, or in bustling out-of-town malls, it’s all too easy for passers-by to not even notice that your store or venue exists. They’re looking down at their phones, talking to a friend, thinking about all the errands they need to run – and they’ll walk right past if you don’t stop them in their tracks.

There are lots of ways you can do this, starting with your storefront itself. First, your premises should look as clean and smart as possible, so freshen up any tired-looking fixed signage and artwork – consider a bright colour to help you stand out.  

Next, there’s your window display, which should be eye-catching and well-lit. You don’t need to spend big on props (although this can have great impact) – a few well-chosen displays for your products, plus a bold typographic backdrop created using our Montreal poster clamps can be just as effective. You can also use cheap and cheerful tools like static cling window decals to add a festive feel.


Captivate the senses

Now it’s time to turn your attention to the other senses – sound, and smell. You’ll notice that many big chain stores use these tools to great effect – think about that signature scent wafting out of your local Bath & Body Works, or those catchy Christmas tunes they play in big department stores. These tools are not a replacement for visual cues, but can really help to grab people’s attention on a sensory level, and entice them into your venue.

Last but not least, there’s one tool that’s proven to snap potential customers out of a shopping-induced trance and that’s a sidewalk sign! They’re not always glamorous but there’s a reason sidewalk signs have been used to attract footfall since pre-industrial times and that’s because humans who are walking along are programmed to scan the area in front of their feet for obstacles – and that means their gaze automatically lands on low, freestanding signage.  

Sidewalk signs are an amazing way to literally stop people in their tracks. If your store or venue is located on a main thoroughfare, you can position one directly outside to remind people you’re there, or if you’re off the beaten track, consider placing a sidewalk sign in a busier location, with brief directions to help customers find your place. In both cases, content is key – you need something that will catch people’s eye, so make it bold, make it funny, make it an irresistible offer, or make it all three! You’ll find a range of sidewalk signs, from the robust to the refined, in our comprehensive range.


We’ve got a huge array of powerful, portable displays ready for immediate shipping. For more information on any of our displays, get in touch.