5 Key POS Marketing Locations

5 Key POS Marketing Locations

Point of sale (POS) marketing is one of the most effective tools any retail store has at its disposal.  The psychology behind POS is built on the premise that people are impulsive creatures; we love the dopamine hit that comes from shopping and we’re easily swayed by powerful imagery and messaging telling us what we want and need.

Every store – even online ones these days – uses POS marketing to attract shoppers, clinch sales and upsell people onto items they didn’t intend to purchase.  POS marketing takes lots of different forms, from signage to promotional displays and even product merchandising.  At its best, we’re not even really aware that POS is reeling us in – and this works best when displays and information are placed strategically throughout the customer journey.

With that said, many stores still overlook some of the key opportunities to engage or upsell their customers, by failing to factor POS displays into one or more of the following locations:


1. Outside the Store

Outdoor space is a commonly overlooked asset that can be hugely powerful when it comes to getting customers into your store.  A simple A-board or sidewalk sign could be all it takes to distract passing customers from looking at their phones or focusing on their destination long enough to notice your store and come in for a browse.  It’s especially useful for businesses that don’t have a prominent store frontage, for example if you’re on the first floor, down a side street or close to a pedestrian bottleneck.


2. The Ceiling

In retail, the ceiling is sometimes referred to as the fifth (or even sixth) wall.  In addition to the actual walls and the floor space, the ceiling is a prime location for POS displays because it maximizes visibility without taking up any display space!  You can easily mount displays like poster clamps on the ceiling since they’re lightweight, then hang up promotional posters to catch your customer’s attention.


3. Fitting Room or Washroom

If you’re in clothing retail or hospitality and you’re not using your fitting rooms or washrooms to upsell, you’re missing a trick.  It’s common to see POS displays positioned anywhere that people naturally pause on their purchasing journey – even when they pause for a comfort break!  Positioning snap frames on the back of cubicle doors, or even adding shelf talkers to your hand dryers or soap dispensers is a great way to grab your customer’s attention when they least expect it.


4. The Queue

Waiting in line forces people to stop and that means this is another key location for POS displays.  In large stores you’ll notice shelf units positioned to create a sort of tunnel loaded with products, through which people have to pass to get to the checkout.  For smaller stores this may not be possible due to space constraints, but a similar effect can be created using freestanding displays to draw attention to promotions and add-on items.


5. The Counter

Don’t assume that just because your customer has arrived at the counter, you’ve exhausted all opportunities to upsell!  Placing a display right on the countertop next to the checkout is a great way to generate impulse purchasing, especially for small add-on items your customer may have forgotten as they made their way around the store.  Tabletop marketing displays are the perfect tool for prompting them to grab these last minute items while they have the chance!

For guidance on the best POS displays to use in retail stores and any other settings, contact our experienced sales team.