Inspired by a variety of timber species, our Wood range adds charm to your rooms, giving them a natural look and feel.
Are you dreaming of an interior with a Swiss alpine theme? – a Canadian-style look? – or an oak, beech, or teak look?
If used on strategic applications like a table or a wardrobe door, you have everything – except perhaps the smell of the woods and song of the birds – to make you feel right in the heart of a forest!

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Marble Collection

Our Marble range gives a chic touch to all your renovations, thanks to its super-realistic graining designs.
Choices include grey or white, matt or gloss, dark colour options…
Whether used in small areas, or to provide an overall look, you are spoiled by choice and can provide an undeniable stamp of luxury to even small renovation projects – imagine a matt white work surface, or a bathroom with an ash backsplash…

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Solid Colour Collection

Look at life in colour with our Solid Colour range!
Each colour creates a unique atmosphere and will embellish your walls and furniture.
Now you can give your bedrooms or living suites their own unique personality!

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Soft Touch Collection

With gentle visual effects and a luxurious touch, our architectural film Soft Touch range is a premium product, featuring a special surface finish that has outstanding durability and scratch resistance.

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Metallic Collection

Whether it be with a rust or aluminum effect, materials and
reliefs are the big feature of our Metallic range. Give your interior
a silver or golden touch.
Are you going for a commercial look? The metal or carbon fibre effect will be ideal. Or do you need to modernise an interior? Create a loft atmosphere easily by covering wardrobes and chair legs. In décor, the metal effect is a safe bet when it is applied tastefully…

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Natural Stone Collection

From a big city apartment look in grey stone, through to
polished concrete, our Natural Stone range will meet your
trend-setting decorative desires. A natural stone look in a room conv