Best Displays for Outdoor Markets

Markets are back!

As the weather starts to turn warmer, and public health restrictions continue to ease, people once again start to mingle outside. We’re looking forward to seeing local markets begin to flourish.

Fuelled by the demand for local food and products, markets act as key retail hubs that connect farmers to shoppers through direct sales. For market vendors, choosing the right tools to promote their wares is important. Standing out amongst the bustling market stalls can make a big difference in attracting shoppers and capturing their spend.


Retractable Banner Stands

Double-sided outdoor retractable banner stands make a big graphic impact from either side. Consider using as a brand builder – sharing what’s unique about your story and offering – or as an impactful way to promote unique products or special promotions. Designed to absorb wind load, these banner stands are heavy-duty and can be used in almost all weather conditions.



Promotional flags really help you stand out. They are used to catch attention over sharing detailed messages. Available single- or double-sided, and in teardrop, or feather flag shapes, they can be used on both hard surfaces or soft ground, by using the appropriate base.


Sidewalk Signs & A-Boards

Sharing your menu? Perhaps a price list? Or even wayfinding information? Sidewalk signs and A-Boards are the real unsung heroes of outdoor signage. Versatile and easy-to-use, they provide an excellent way to share poster-size information in public spaces.



Outdoor displays and signage are used to promote, educate, inform, and direct. At busy markets, ensuring your message is seen is important, and choosing the right display will make for a successful event!