Meet Memphis; The Large Banner A-Frame

Communicating visually outdoors can be challenging with so many mediums and applications available; not to mention the challenges with the weather and ensuring safety in public spaces.

Enter the Memphis outdoor A-frame. This versatile, portable billboard is an excellent all-rounder and has so many excellent applications in outdoor spaces. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways it can be used…

Outdoor Markets

Market organizers can use the Memphis for informational messaging; market hours, stall directory, as well as health and safety guidelines. Equally, vendors can make good use of the large graphic area for product information and specials.



Paid parking, managed parking lots, and even venue parking areas require clear and visible messaging and wayfinding.  The Memphis can be used for fare information and to direct vehicular traffic. Consider using different banners each side for varying messages.


Food Vendors

An excellent companion for food trucks, the Memphis can be used in so many ways. Separate queuing lines while advertising menu items, share a monthly special, or engage with patrons by sharing social media platform links.



Construction sites are busy places and there’s always a need for clear communication. Often there will be traffic – vehicular or pedestrian – that needs directional signage, and even site workers require site information and health and safety notices. For the constructor or developer, using the Memphis as a mini advertising billboard is a perfect way to build their brand.



During the summer months, many fundraisers are held outdoors and promoting the cause is all part of a successful event. Sharing information around the purpose, the event’s monetary goal, and even event sponsors is an excellent way to get awareness and create excitement!


Whether it’s a marathon through city streets, or the local ball field, the Memphis is a great tool to promote team branding, share sponsor logos, or create revenue-generating advertising space. There’s so many options here, and again, the double-sided benefit of the display creates excellent ways to use for a dual purpose.



Outdoor concerts, carnivals, or even festivals make for the perfect Memphis application. Create visually appealing barriers to direct foot traffic or promote the event. List hours, pricing, and sponsor logos. If the event travels, list all the locations they plan to be that year and generate excitement!


Now that we’ve given you some application inspiration, where will you use your Memphis outdoor A-frame?