Meet the Team: Stacy

Meet the Team: Stacy

Every business team has a few individuals who act as a fulcrum for all their operations, and without whom success would simply not be possible. At Frontline, one of those individuals is Stacy, our Customer Service Coordinator. 

Stacy is right at the center of everything we do here at Frontline as she is responsible for everything from answering incoming calls and fielding enquiries, to processing orders and helping customers to resolve any queries or problems they may have. Considering the excellent communication skills and precision organization she brings to her role, it’s really no surprise that she has a bit of military background! We caught up with Stacy to find out more… 


Hi Stacy! Tell us a little bit more about your daily role at Frontline.

Hello! Okay so my main responsibilities include managing incoming calls and customer service inquiries, generating sales leads that develop into new customers and identifying and assessing customers’ needs to achieve satisfaction. That might be helping them with product selection, or resolving a problem with their order. Every day is different!

You’ve brought some serious efficiency skills to your role. What did you do before this?

I think it’s fair to say that I enjoy organizing! My professional background included the role of a Relocation Consultant (helping people to move their whole lives from one place to another) as well as a Training Coordinator for the Canadian Armed Forces.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

My favourite thing about my job is having the power to help people firsthand and have invaluable direct contact with our customers. Although difficult at times, there’s no greater feeling than when I manage to help someone I have come to know and maximize their customer experience.

What’s the most challenging thing facing you and also your clients in the current business climate?

I would say the most challenging aspect is being the information hub for customers as well as colleagues. I hold a lot of stuff in my head.

What would you say are the key attributes required to perform well in your role?

Key attributes would be the ability to be relatable, a good work ethic, superior communication skills and willingness to help when needed.

If you didn’t work at Frontline, what would your dream job be?

My dream job would be an Undercover Resort Inspector in the Caribbean!

Do you have any hobbies or interests away from work? Or a favourite way to unwind?

I have a variety of hobbies, and I really enjoy the outdoors. I hike with my family which includes my Great Dane, Luna. I also enjoy paddle boarding at sunset.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself that colleagues might not know?

I started junior kindergarten and graduated high school in the same school.