Updates to the Economy Retractable Banner Stand

Continual product and service development is important to us at Frontline. We’re excited to some important changes we are making to the economy retractable banner stand to improve its performance.

To the casual observer, there are no aesthetic changes, however the first modification is the Pole Receptor Brace at the rear of the banner stand. Strengthening the banner stand in this area improves the pole support and helps keep the graphic viewing area more consistent (less leaning).

Secondly, we’ve upgraded the Support Feet by innovating the attachment bracing. The existing attachment had the potential to work loose and make the support feet move causing instability and graphic lean. The improved attachment bracing keeps feet secure and positioned correctly, improving longevity and graphic viewing.

There is no action required, and no change to item numbers, pricing, or product description. In due course the improved banner stand hardware will make its way into inventory and subsequently into your customer’s hands.