Embrace Winter Weather with Outdoor Displays

As the temperatures begin to drop, Canadians are gearing up for the colder months ahead, ready to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather. Canada is renowned for its vibrant falls and snowy winters, and as Canadians, we are known for our determination to stay active and engaged in outdoor activities, come rain or shine.

The trend of outdoor dining seems to be a lasting one, and with this shift, there is an increasing need for signage and display solutions suitable for outdoor use in various urban and rural settings. Whether it’s high-energy outdoor pursuits, large-scale festivals, or a more sophisticated experience in retail and hospitality, there are outdoor display options available to cater to diverse needs.

Here’s our guide to the essentials for taking your business outdoors, even during Canadian winters…


Robust & Rugged

Whether it’s skiing, snowmobiling, or even snowshoeing, Canadians love outdoor challenges year-round. Display signage is crucial for keeping people informed and enhancing safety in various outdoor locations, from private ski resorts to provincial parks.

Signage placed in outdoor areas requires durability and resistance to damage – both natural and intentional – displays like the Seattle and Portland are designed to meet these needs. With a fillable base to prevent tipping, and heavy-duty, waterproof poster covers, they are made to withstand the elements. Additionally, the Seattle and Portland have wheels making them easy to move around. We recommend securing them to a fixed object using a locked chain should you need to leave the display unattended for long periods of time.

For an alternative option, the Memphis A-frame banner provides a large-scale, robust display that can be folded up and stored with ease. Attach PVC banners to both sides using bungee cords and secure the frame with the included ground pegs for added stability. Made from aluminum, it’s light but strong and won’t rust or corrode, making it ideal for daily wayfinding and promotional applications.


Big & Tall

For large-scale events, you need displays that can be seen from a distance, and this is where height can provide an advantage. Flag banners like the Rockford can perform important safety and marketing duties in one – they’re highly portable and can be pushed into sand, snow, or soft ground. Alternatively, purchase a freestanding base to create an instant focal point for wayfinding, first aid, safety, or advertising indoors or out.

For long-term use, the Niagara flag pole kits are ideal. Fix to existing light pole or street sign infrastructure, allowing you to mark out a route or event boundary in urban areas while providing useful space for promotional or practical information. These tools are also often used by venues to help guide visitors to their location.


Refined & Versatile

Of course, not all venues with outdoor facilities exist solely for adventure-seekers. Since outdoor spaces have gained popularity, businesses in retail and hospitality have utilized outdoor areas to attract customers. Although outdoor dining spaces are well-protected from the elements, it’s beneficial for businesses to have display tools that can cope with an outdoor setting when required.

Displays like the Boston and New York a-boards are perfect for presenting menus, event schedules, and wayfinding. They are robust and weather-resistant, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For venues needing to display a little more information – for example, a promotion or ad campaign – the Valencia outdoor retractable banner stand offers the versatility required to cope with wind, moisture, and cold temperatures, all of which pose an issue during the Canadian winter climate, whether under shelter or not.


No matter where your customers are and whatever they’re doing this winter, weather should not hinder them from getting their message across. Explore our collection of outdoor displays today or reach out for more information.