Good, Better, Best. A Summary.

You’ll hear us speak often about Retractable Banner Stands. And for good reason: they are the best-selling category of portable displays, and widely used across may industries.

This month we’ve taken a deeper dive into the range, starting with our economy and value options, right through to our premium products. You have likely seen our educational content – if not, have a look here – and have a good understanding of some of the product differences, so let’s take a look at where you might find these displays being used…

Economy and Value retractable banner stands offer a cost-conscious, simple solution for short term applications and, as such, are widely used in retail promotions. Here, clients are often looking to roll-out messaging across multiple locations on a budget. Additionally, depending on the messaging, it may be a limited-time promotion and therefore only used for a few days or weeks. Inexpensive retractable banner stands provide an excellent way to share this messaging, and offer excellent visual impact, helping turn browsers into buyers. Don’t forget too, that distribution is an important piece of the puzzle for retail promotional material, and economy and value banner stands can be shipped safely and securely by standard courier services and are easier to kit than large rigid signage.

Sales campaigns, trade shows, conferences, and educational facilities are some of the places you will find Performance and Professional retractables. Offering a better aesthetic appearance, and more durable components, these displays are real workhorses but won’t break the bank. While you’ll want your graphic to be front and center, these banner stands will compliment your graphic, and offer added available features including telescopic poles to take your message to new heights! Improved carry bags come standard and prove a real benefit when the show is over and displays need to be packed away quickly and easily.

As you’d expect, Premium retractable banner stands provide a wealth of aesthetic and durability benefits and can be used in a variety of applications including corporate lobbies, sales supports, public spaces, and healthcare facilities. With a contour base design and chrome-effect end caps, premium banner stands add a classy touch to the graphic message. Due to the design and construction of the base, no twist-out feet are required, and there are many options available including various graphic widths and heights, carry bag options, and even lighting accessories. When the application requires the best, always go with a premium option; the added benefits and product longevity will pay for themselves over and over again.

And finally, outdoor retractable banner stands allow you to take your message to the outside world. Sports events, outdoor dining, fairs, and even parking garages are all applications requiring graphics to advertise, inform, or direct. Using an outdoor retractable provides a portable way to communicate and get seen!

So, the next time you or your client are choosing retractable banner stands, considering the application is an important part of finding the right retractable for your application. Like some help? We’re always willing to provide product information and input, contact us here.