Galaxy Pro Block 300 Hybrid Media

  • Designed for use with or without lamination
  • Stay flat properties
  • Lightly textured, anti-scratch, satin white finish
  • Grey backing for complete opacity
  • Available in 36″ and 54″ width options
Technical Data
Product Code ISB274804 ISB274810
Roll Width 0.914m / 36″ 1.370m / 54″
Roll Length 50m / 164′ 50m / 164′
Surface Finish Satin Textured
Base Material Hybrid Film
Weight 300 g/m² (+/-5%)
Caliper 9 Mil (+/-1)
Whiteness 102.2 (C.I.E.)
Gloss Min 4.0, Max 8.0 (at 60°)
Core 3″
Ink Compatibility Latex, Solvent, Eco-solvent, UV
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Galaxy Pro Block 300 Hybrid Media is a lightly textured, white-faced printable material which is predominantly suitable for use as a retractable banner stand printable media when a high-quality anti-scratch finish is required. It has a grey back which adds opacity to the product when used with standard lighting conditions. 

The multi-polymer construction gives a good balance of printability and dimensional stability. Because of the thickness (230 microns), this product is also suitable for over-lamination with a suitable PVC based over-lamination film which has a high tack plasticizer resistant adhesive which is at least 28 microns thick in order to fully occupy the troughs in the textured surface. 

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