Change Up Your Displays For Fall

Can you feel it? That unmistakable change in the morning air, the slight turning of the leaves? Fall is on its way and it’s a reminder that change, while not always welcome, is a beautiful thing in nature, in life – and in business!

The arrival of Fall means a shift in focus for both businesses and consumers. As the temperature drops and the nights get longer, people’s focus tends to turn inward and the early Fall period can be quieter for retail and other businesses as consumers save resources for the excesses of the cyber and festive seasons.

So what can you do as a business to keep registers ringing throughout this transitional time? The answer is to mimic nature, and change it up with eye-catching displays!

Portable displays really come into their own when it comes to seasonal campaigns and short-lived promotions. They’re easy to switch up so you can add timely messaging to your storefront or business premises. Here’s a rundown on some of the best displays for when you need to make quick or frequent changes…


Snap Frames

The humble snap frame has to be one of the hardest-working pieces of kit in any commercial premises – it’s a super affordable option with a small footprint that can be mounted almost anywhere, and is supremely easy to update! Snap frames have a mitered frame that simply opens from the front with no tools required – snap it open, replace the poster and protective cover, and snap it shut again!  Snap frames come in a huge range of sizes from 8.5×11 inches right up to 38×48 inches so you can create large or small displays. They can be wall-mounted like our Toronto display, or free standing – choose from dainty options like our Vienna display, or go heavy-duty with something like the Seattle sidewalk sign, which has a snap frame mechanism too!


Poster Hangers

Poster hangers are another fantastic and cost-effective way to create quick-change displays. These displays are simply a set of two full-length aluminum clamps that securely grip the top and bottom edges of any poster or vinyl banner media. The top clamp can be hung from a wall or suspended from a ceiling or overhead structure, while the bottom clamp serves as a weight to keep the poster smooth and stable once hung. To switch up the display, simply open the clamps and pop in a new poster! These are ideal for all kinds of marketing displays, including window backdrops.


Rigid Board Displays

Displays that accept rigid media such as corrugated plastic or foam board are another quick-change option. Since the media itself is very robust, these displays often have a very simple frame or base with minimal fixings that allow new media to be inserted in seconds. Try our SmartWedge product, which delivers huge impact – it accepts media up to 72 inches tall and you can swap it out in record time using the two butterfly screws in the base. If you’re looking for something a little more compact, our Bradford display is a stylish yet sturdy option, or why not use the Calgary tabletop display to drum up interest in those Fall promotions at the point of sale?


Tension Banners

Last but by no means least, let’s talk tension banners. Simple tension banner stands also deliver a quick-change solution that’s eco-conscious too. Tension banners use their fabric panel to add rigidity to the frame and these panels are often made from recycled material such as plastic bottles. Woven into a highly-printable fabric, they are attached using top and bottom clamp bars or simply slide the graphics onto the frame using pole pockets. Since the fabric folds up small, you can have multiple options available at any given moment, and swap your graphics in just a couple of minutes when you need to. Best of all, when your fabric panels have served their purpose, you can recycle them!


Ready to switch it up this Fall? We’d love to help – get in touch today to discuss how Frontline products can boost your business!