Defy Winter Weather With Outdoor Displays

There’s no mistaking that slight chill in the air that will soon have us all reaching for the thermostat dial and some cozy extra layers. Canada is famed for its crisp, colourful falls and cold, snowy winters – and as Canadians, we’re famous for not letting the weather stop us from getting out and about in the great outdoors!

The pandemic has helped businesses of all types realize the potential of outdoor events and activities as a revenue stream, and it’s not just the usual suspects like snow sports that will be happening outside this fall and winter. From cute Halloween events for kids through to outdoor dining and entertainment (albeit with a few creature comforts), it looks like alfresco is here to stay for both health and lifestyle reasons!

This means that more venues will need signage and display solutions suitable for outdoor use, in all kinds of urban and rural locations, for all kinds of purposes. Whether it’s rugged, high-octane activities, large-scale outdoor festivals and events, or a more refined experience in retail and hospitality, there’s an outdoor display to suit. Here’s our guide to the essentials for taking business outdoors, even in the Canadian Winter…


Robust & Rugged

Skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, trail running – Canadians love an outdoorsy challenge whatever the weather, and our tourist industry depends on these activities to keep revenues healthy throughout the winter months. From private ski resorts to our national reserves and public parks, display signage is important for keeping people informed and safe as they make the most of what our beautiful country has to offer in any weather!

Signage placed on outdoor thoroughfares or in rural locations need to be really robust and resistant to damage – both natural and deliberate – as well as tampering or theft.  Displays like our Seattle sidewalk display tick the boxes on size and scale, durability, and strength – the base is fillable making it almost impossible to tip over, and the graphics are protected by a heavy-duty, waterproof poster cover so they stay looking good no matter what the weather. In addition, Seattle has wheels so it can be moved around, so we recommend securing it to a fixed object using a locked chain if you need to leave the display unattended for long periods. As an alternative, our Memphis A-frame banner is a large-scale, robust display that’s easy to fold up and store – you can attach PVC banners to both sides using bungee cords and the frame comes with ground pegs for added stability.  Made from aluminum, it’s light but strong and won’t rust or corrode, making it ideal for daily wayfinding and promotional applications.


Big & Tall

For large-scale events such as music festivals and sporting events, you need displays that can be seen from a long distance away and this is where height gives a great advantage! Flag banners like our Rockford display can perform important safety and marketing duties in one – they’re highly portable and can be pushed into sand, snow, soft earth or purchase a freestanding base to create an instant focal point for wayfinding, first aid, safety or simply advertising.  These banners are made from eco-friendly recycled fabric that’s perforated for excellent wind resistance and durability in the short to medium term. For longer-term use, the Niagara flag pole kit is ideal and fixes to existing light pole or street sign infrastructure, allowing you to mark out a route or event boundary in urban areas while providing useful space for promotional or practical information. These tools are also often used by venues in rural locations to help guide visitors to their location.


Refined & Versatile

Of course, not all venues with outdoor facilities cater to adventure-seekers; since Covid-19 arrived in our midst many businesses in the retail and particularly the hospitality sector have been making the most of their outdoor space to drive footfall and remain operational during lockdowns. Every restaurant and café that could have created outdoor waiting or dining areas to accommodate people in a safe manner and consumers have really embraced this ‘café culture’ even though we don’t live in the Mediterranean climate where it originated!  

Although outdoor dining spaces are well-protected from the elements, it’s beneficial for businesses to have display tools that can cope with an outdoor setting when required – and this robustness goes a long way towards helping them withstand the heavy footfall and frequent cleaning that goes hand-in-hand with hospitality environments.  Displays like our Boston and New York a-boards are ideal for displaying menus, social distancing information, and wayfinding while being strong and weather resistant for indoor and outdoor use. For venues needing to display a little more information – for example, a promotion or ad campaign – an outdoor retractable or tension banner offers the versatility required to cope with wind, moisture, and cold temperatures, all of which pose an issue during the Canadian winter climate, whether under shelter or not.

Wherever your customers are this winter and whatever they’re doing, don’t let weather be the thing that stops them from getting their message out there – discover our collection of outdoor displays today, or get in touch for further information!