Essential display strategies for summer tourism

Essential display strategies for summer tourism

Any hopes we had that foreign vacations might be back on the table this summer in Canada have largely evaporated by now, with the stay-at-home order extended until the beginning of June and considerable concern worldwide about the impact of new coronavirus variants.

Thankfully, we live in a country with much to offer in terms of tourism.  If we can’t go abroad, that means foreign tourists can’t come here either – which means it’s our duty to ‘support local’ when it comes to vacationing this summer, once the restrictions are eased.

Now is the time for tourist destinations and venues across Ontario to invest in display strategies to support their activities this summer, especially in light of the ongoing coronavirus situation.

Outdoor spaces are the focal point for Canada’s tourist industry.  From mountains to beaches, there’s no shortage of opportunities for printers to work along with resorts and other businesses to offer tourists an experience that is both safe and memorable, right on their doorstep.  The need for displays will likely fall into three main categories:

1. Campaigns

It’s been a really tough year for tourist businesses and those that have survived need to get the message out loud and clear: “We’re still here!”  With so much of our focus this past year turned inward, it’s very possible that people have forgotten what’s even available on their own doorstep any more, so raising awareness through outdoor signage campaigns is key.  Demand for accommodation is also at an all-time high, so for those locations that still have booking availability, it’s important to let people know, and get those remaining slots filled.  

Of course, many tourist businesses in Canada are seasonal anyway and have just emerged from their winter slumber – these premises may well benefit from freshened up signage to give a bright new look to weather-worn facades and remind customers that they’re welcome back with open arms (albeit socially distanced!)

2. Passing trade

Once lockdown restrictions ease, it’s likely that people right across Canada will flock to their nearest beaches, lakes and beauty spots, leaving businesses in these locations to fight for a slice of the tourism pie.  That’s all well and good if you occupy a prime location, but for those tucked-away businesses in a sector that’s been decimated by the events of the past year, now is not the time to be a shrinking violet!  Businesses can get noticed no matter where they are by investing in bold, portable signage to help them target key places where potential customers might be hanging out – this might be a sidewalk sign to funnel passing trade into a restaurant or café, flag banners to help a tourist attraction get noticed from afar, or even a series of light pole kits to stop traffic in its tracks!

3. Safety

It’s fair to say we hoped that Covid-19 would be on the wane by now but even with Canada’s vaccination program gathering pace, caution will be required as we slowly come out of lockdown.  As well as advertising events and promotions, businesses will still have a requirement for safety signage reminding people to keep their distance, observe good hand hygiene and to stay at home if they feel unwell.  Most premises will also have systems in place for limiting occupancy and helping people to move through indoor spaces safely, using one-way systems etc.  All of these protocols need to be supported with clear, portable signage that can be adjusted as required – retractable banners and displays with easy-change graphics are an ideal solution.  Venues that require people to wait in line, such as outdoor theme parks and even food providers offering takeout, may even wish to put safety screens in place to protect patrons and staff.  Printers can support this by offering both hardware and additional branding with stickers and decals to make these an integral part of the branded consumer experience.

At Frontline, we can offer our customers a huge range of portable display ad signage solutions to help their clients in turn navigate what will hopefully be a rewarding, if somewhat challenging, summer tourism season.  Take a look at our SwiftScreen SOLO  range for simple social distancing, and don’t forget about the new Frontline Statement range of pre-printed flag banners, perfect for attracting attention!

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