Extend the life of your display with replacement parts

Extend the life of your display with replacement parts

We’ve recently blogged about what Frontline is doing as a business to try and be more sustainable, and a big part of that is focused on extending the useful life of our products by ensuring excellent build quality and versatility.

We specialize in supplying premium, Canadian-made displays that will provide you with years and years of loyal service – but what some of our customers might not know is that we also supply a whole range of replacement parts.  So, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your display after it’s been in use for a while, we can provide the parts you need to repair or upgrade it, for an even longer useful life.

Since portable banner stands have to fold up for transportation, the majority come in a self-assembly format, the most common being our range of retractable banners and tension banner stands.  Retractable banners in particular can take a bit of a beating when they’re out on the road, since they are bulkier than their tension banner counterparts.  Rattling around in the trunk of a car, getting jostled on public transportation, or even just the wear and tear caused by repeated use at busy trade shows and events can cause damage that affects the look and performance of your banner.

The good news is that broken parts doesn’t have to spell ‘trash’ for your banner stand – with a little bit of TLC and some spares from Frontline, we can have it looking as good as new in no time!

TLC for damaged displays

One of the most commonly damaged parts of a pop-up banner is the bungee pole – this is the main support that holds the banner up.  If the pole gets bent, the elastic snaps, or the top hook breaks off, you may not be able to assemble your banner.  The solution?  Buy a brand new pole and off you go!  Don’t forget to select the right model to ensure a perfect fit.

End caps are another part of your banner than have to take a fair bit of abuse – they’re designed to come off for access to the mechanism, and over time they can become loose and prone to falling off by themselves.  They’re also quite likely to get stood on and kicked by passing footfall – and if they’re damaged or missing, your banner immediately looks tired.  The solution?  Give your cassette a good clean to freshen it up, replace the end caps  with new ones, and you’re ready for the road again. 

Retractable and tension banners can both have clamp bars at the top – this is an aluminium strip that opens and closes, clamping your print media securely inside to create a sturdy top edge that attaches to your bungee pole or frame.  If the clamp bar gets damaged – maybe it’s bent or scuffed, or no longer closes tightly, then you might not be able to use your banner.  You can buy a brand-new clamp bar to solve this problem while retaining the rest of your perfectly useful display!

Last but not least, let’s talk graphics!  The graphics panel is what makes your display but in the fast-moving world of business, it’s rare to find a graphic design that will last for more than 6-12 months before it’s outdated.  Many people think that when they need to change their messaging, they need a whole new display – but this isn’t the case!  Most retractable banners have graphics that attach to the cassette mechanism using hook and loop leader and a top clamp bar, so it’s easy to remove the panel and swap in a new one.  We can supply additional hook and loop fastener  to help you do this.  For an even brighter new look, why not add some low-energy lighting to the clamp bar, making your new graphics really pop?

Finally, it’s important to think about preventing damage to your displays in the longer term.  Many banner stands come with a lightweight travel bag but if you spend a lot of time on the road – and especially if you travel internationally with your displays – it’s really worth investing in a padded protective bag or a hard travel case  to keep your displays in tip-top condition.  Our travel cases even double up as a convenient podium that looks great as part of any trade show display!


For further information or for help choosing the right replacement parts for your Frontline products, get in touch!