Frontline’s commitment on climate

Frontline’s commitment on climate

Globally, we’ve been so focused on the Covid-19 pandemic over the past year or so that we’ve barely had time to think about the other pressing crisis that’s threatening the very future of humanity – the climate crisis.

In many ways, a global pandemic has literally given us pause for thought in terms of our environmental impacts; flights have been grounded, and we’ve been asked to stay at home which has naturally reduced our use of fuel for vehicles, and to a lesser extent our ‘mass consumption’ lifestyles.  The fact that we’ve been able to develop and roll out a vaccine for the virus in record time is testament to mankind’s scientific ingenuity and ability to solve even the most insurmountable of problems – so it’s going to be interesting to see what the global response to the climate crisis is as the immediate threat of Covid-19 begins to slowly recede.

While leadership at the highest level is undoubtedly required to make a significant difference on climate change, as individual people and businesses we shouldn’t underestimate our power to make a difference through millions of small, daily acts to reduce our carbon footprint.

Here at Frontline we’re very aware that we serve lots of fast-paced sectors that need to make changes to the way they operate in order to reduce carbon emissions, and we’re committed to supporting those efforts in whatever way we can, while still providing quality, value for money products.

Sourcing locally

A key way we’re doing this is by looking to source Canadian-made products wherever possible.  Some examples of this are our SmartWedge  rigid media display, our Bradford display and also our SwiftScreen privacy and room dividers, all of which are manufactured right here in Canada.  This means that these products have a lower carbon footprint because they haven’t been imported by air, sea or road freight.  Buying Canadian also means we’re supporting businesses that adhere to the environmental standards for manufacturing and sourcing of materials that are set out in Canadian law, for better transparency – and of course, it also supports our local economy and job market.  We’ll continue to do this wherever and whenever we can.

Reduce, reuse & recycle

We’re aware that the print and display sector can sometimes be a wasteful business – for big companies and trade shows, displays are sometimes thought of as ‘single use’ and thrown out when the event or promotion has ended.  We’re working to change this mindset by encouraging our customers to upsell their clients onto reusable displays that will stand the test of time – and if they really must have a disposable product, by encouraging them to use recyclable materials.

For instance, many of our premium retractable banners feature interchangeable graphics, so there’s no need to buy a new display every time – simply swap out the graphic using our hook & loop or clamp base options for a whole new look.  Choosing non-PVC vinyl means that the materials from the old graphic can be recycled more easily, instead of ending up in landfill.  

For customers seeking an even more eco-friendly solution, we often recommend tension banner systems.  These displays use a printable fabric substrate which is easily recyclable and also super lightweight – in fact, many tension banner fabrics are made from post-consumer plastics including plastic drinks bottles, which further improves their green credentials.  Fabric displays are suitable for a wide range of applications, from small individual displays right up to huge trade show stands and outdoor displays.

Innovating for change

We’re also keeping our finger very much on the pulse of what’s new in terms of green displays.  New materials and product designs are being developed all the time, and we’re watching with interest what’s happening with new, sustainable materials like bamboo and even recycled cardboard!  Combined with low-energy LED lighting and water-based inks, these new technologies hold the key to a greener future for marketing, trade shows and beyond, and we’re committed to delivering these innovations for our clients as they enter the mainstream.

If you’ve got questions about the most sustainable display options for your business, we’d love to help – email [email protected] for more information.