Performance vs. Professional: Retractable Banner Options

For customers new to the world of portable displays, it can come as a surprise that there are so many options to choose from.  To the inexperienced eye, it’s likely that all displays in the same family – for instance retractable banners – look the same, so it can be bewildering for these customers to find variations in price when it comes to selecting the right display for their needs.

As a basic rule of thumb, the more expensive a display is, the better the quality and the more features it will have.  But this doesn’t always mean that the most expensive display is the right one for a particular customer’s needs.

The majority of customers are looking for a balance between performance, aesthetics and cost.  If the customer has a very limited budget, or wants a one-time use banner for an event, then an economy display is a fairly obvious choice.  If they’re looking for a super-deluxe appearance, or a display that needs to last them for many years, then a premium banner may be the most appropriate choice.  There are also mid-range banners that offer a middle ground between the two.

The tricky part comes when a client doesn’t fit neatly into one bracket or the other – perhaps style is low on their priority list, but they need a super-durable display – or maybe they need to create a deluxe look on a tight budget.  Choosing between the mid-range and high-end display can sometimes be a difficult decision – so we’ve pulled together some key considerations when weighing up the differences between performance (like our Paris retractable banner) and professional-grade displays (such as our Palermo retractable banner).  


A performance grade display is ideal for the customer who needs a more robust banner with a mid-range appearance and the ability to withstand a reasonable amount of usage.  Our Paris retractable banner is a great example – it’s made from premium materials and durable enough for repeated usage or high-traffic locations.  Available in two widths, Paris is ideal for small to mid-size spaces and is highly portable – but it’s probably not suitable for large spaces, long-term promotions or venues that require a very high-end finish.

  • Mid-range price
  • Mid-range quality
  • Included padded carry bag 
  • Available with telescopic pole 
  • 2 width options 
  • Twist-out foot 
  • Silver finish 
  • Ideal for small to mid-size retail spaces requiring a more finished appearance


A professional-grade display like our Palermo retractable banner represents the very best of its kind; it’s designed for the most demanding locations and will stay looking great for many years if looked after properly.  The Palermo comes with a number of added ‘extras’ that take this display to the next level both in terms of versatility and performance.  By spending a little more, the customer can avail of a unique base design with no protruding feet – this creates a sleek appearance that might appeal to a designer boutique, but is also much safer and may be the best choice for use in a hospital or care home.  Palermo also comes in six different widths with the larger sizes being well-adapted to larger, open plan spaces including travel terminals and showrooms.

  • Premium price
  • High-end quality
  • Included padded carry bag 
  • Available with telescopic pole 
  • 6 width options 
  • No protruding feet
  • Silver and black finish 
  • Ideal for customers concerned about trip hazards or seeking a deluxe finish

If you or your customers require any guidance in choosing the correct banner stand for their needs, our sales support team will be happy to help – get in touch for more information. For a handy guide to making a choice between retractable banners, check out our YouTube video: