Straight A Displays for Back to School

It’s hard to believe there’s just a few weeks of summer vacation left before schools reopen – which means it’s time for retailers, schools and of course parents & students to start getting ready for the new term.

While the return to school in 2020 was somewhat tentative due to a Covid-19 situation in constant flux, the new 2021 term looks set to be a lot more certain, with schools much more confident about the best ways to establish and enforce their Covid policies and a widespread vaccination program offering some reassurance that we’ll have a full term uninterrupted by lockdowns. All things considered, there’s a very real feeling of wanting to get back to normal in education – and that starts with getting prepared!


Eliminate hassle for parents

Of course, this is a key time of year for retailers; stores selling school uniforms, general fashion, sports equipment, footwear and other school supplies are entering one of their busiest times, so it’s vital that they find ways to attract customer attention and ensure they get their slice of the ‘back to school’ pie.

Point of sale displays can help to attract passing customers into stores by making it clear that a business is catering for school clothing or supplies, or by advertising promotions including early bird discounts and special value bundles to help parents stretch their budget a little further. Getting shoppers through the door is half the battle, and that starts with the shop window and the store front, where displays such as our Montreal II hanging poster clamp or the Bradford free-standing display can be really useful. The Bradford is a particularly versatile option since its steel construction is both sturdy and stylish, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Another really important role of POS in back-to-school retail is signposting.  Getting everything your child needs for school can be a minefield, especially for first-time parents or those with kids moving to a different school. In this case, it’s really useful to have all the essential items you’ll need clearly identified within a store – backpacks here, stationery there, football cleats over there. These visual reminders are helpful for shoppers feeling overwhelmed by the amount of ‘stuff’ they need and can be an excellent driver for add-on sales. Using our Regina or Calgary tabletop displays is an ideal way to signpost shoppers to the product categories around the store, whether on shelves or display tables.


First day back

Once all the preparation has been done at home, it’s over to schools to welcome those students back and help any newcomers to settle in! Now more than ever, displays have an important role to play in schools, ensuring that students are well-informed about safety protocols as well as aspects of general school life.

Starting with hand hygiene when students arrive for their first day back, our Marshall hand sanitizer station is a perfect choice. The large 1-gallon version is ideal for main entrances and schools or college campuses with heavy footfall, while the smaller 1-litre option is perfect for secondary entrances and key locations where hand hygiene is important, such as cafeteria entrances and locker bays.

Signposting on campus is important for both new and returning students, ensuring they know where to go for registration or induction, and how to find their way to the essentials such as the cafeteria or homeroom. Our Boston sidewalk display is a great option for this type of simple, portable signage – it’s sturdy enough to cope with busy hallways, virtually immune to vandalism and easy to change up according to the messaging required.

When a little more information is required – for instance, in the library, IT suite or even sports changing facilities, a simple tension banner like our Florence display fits the bill perfectly. It assembles in seconds and allows you to display information on both sides – it’s also ideal for school events like open days and exhibitions, creating a sleek and professional impression on prospective students or visitors to campus.


Frontline displays are the smart choice for all your back-to-school display needs. Contact us today to discuss the best products for your individual requirements!