Meet the Team: Thomas

Meet the Team: Thomas

We’re a pretty creative bunch here at Frontline. We get really revved up by design challenges – sourcing innovative products that help the end user to get their message out there more effectively. But like every business, it doesn’t matter how innovative we are or how many problems we solve – if the numbers don’t stack up, it doesn’t work – which is why every successful company needs at least one dedicated ‘numbers guy’. For us, that’s Thomas Patterson, our Financial Operations Manager. We caught up with Thomas to find out more…


Hi Thomas! Tell us a bit about your role and responsibilities with Frontline.

Hello! My official job title is Manager of Finance Operations and Administration. Basically, that means I oversee and perform all finance related duties for Frontline Systems. This includes but is not limited to AP/AR, Banking, Payroll, Inventory, Budgeting, Financial/Business Analysis, Financial Statement Prep and lots more. It’s a busy role!

Have you always worked in finance?

Yes. My professional background consists of 8 years in private/municipal finance. The bulk of my experience is in the construction/insurance industry working in various financial capacities. I’m quite a meticulous person, and I enjoy working on the fine details, so it suits me well.

What’s your favourite thing about working in the print & display sector?

I would say the incredible growth potential. The sector is very dynamic and the opportunities are exciting.

What are the key attributes required to perform well in your role?

I think you need accuracy and attention to detail, which are both very important for the day to day bookkeeping side of my role, but equally important from a management accounting or financial strategy perspective. Accuracy in forecasting, for example, is vital in terms of helping the business to set and achieve realistic targets. Another key attribute is willingness to change and adapt. People tend to think of finance workers as being very stuck in their ways but in actual fact, there is a lot of creativity involved.

Do you have any hobbies or interests away from work? Or a favourite way to unwind?

I’m a music lover, mainly 90s rock bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and OLP. I enjoy playing music and the creativity that comes with it. I enjoy sports – I have two brothers so I definitely lean towards the more physical sports but I’ll play or watch almost anything! I also enjoy working with my hands, making things with wood or landscaping in the garden.