Relieve the Tension: Displays That Exhibit Effortlessly

Tension banner stands can sometimes find themselves overlooked amongst the plethora of retractable options available these days. And yet they offer a lot to an exhibitor looking for a straightforward banner stand that is stable and easy to use. Folks often ask where the term ‘tension’ comes from for this banner stand group. Quite simply, it’s because they rely on tension of the fabric or vinyl graphic to work. The industry has coined several terms for the various tension banner stand options. Let’s take a look below at a couple of the most common, and where you might find them in use.


You’ll recognize these banner stands by their classic ‘X’ shape – hence the name. With four arms, two bottom and two top, banners attach at the four corners. Both vinyl and fabric materials can be used, and with grommets in each corner, the graphic simply ‘hooks’ onto the frame.

In addition to being easy to use, these displays are lightweight and low cost, making them a common choice for retailers advertising in-store. The generous graphic size along with the option to replace the graphics are ideal for seasonal promotional materials.


You guessed it. The supporting foot and pole make for an unmistakable ‘L’ shape, while the graphic is held by clamps top and bottom.

With a small footprint, and the advantage of a substantial visible graphic area, these banner stands provide real impact. They are often used for triptych images and can create simple but effective backdrops.